Pet Assisted Therapy

I have been involved in pet assisted therapy for over 30 years and have been a Tester/Observer with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Incorporated almost since their beginning.  It is a wonderful organization, one of the 3 nationally recognized groups in the United States.  There are many opportunities for therapy volunteering.

What is Pet Assisted Therapy?  What makes a good therapy dog.  The process to become a therapy team.  Places that therapy dogs visit. Therapy Dog vs. Service Dog.

The importance of obedience training.  Important commands. Recognizing stress in the visiting dog.  Zoonotic Diseases. Vaccinations.

Your responsibilities as a volunteer.  Presenting the dog to the patient.  Interacting with patients HIPPA, Infection Control.

Ready To Start Testing?

Testing takes place in Meridian Idaho.  Contact me to make an appointment today!  I can give references for other cities and states as well.

Not Ready To Start Testing?

I offer a 2hr Zoom class that covers everything for only $15.  Make an appointment below under Pet Assisted Therapy ( Zoom ).

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