Hi, I’m Carole

I have been helping dogs and their owners for over 30 years. A well mannered, polite dog, who is part of your family, is my goal. I believe a polite, well mannered dog is a joy to be with. That comes from being a responsible dog owner. Dogs want to be with us. They want clear signals. Being a good leader provides that. Provide good food, fresh water, necessary medical care, clean up after your dog and most of all, be a good leader!

My certified therapy dog named Chaos, with his sweet face and big smile.  Chaos is an American Pitbull Terrier/ Mastiff mix. Me training at the Lancaster city park. Nikki, a Siberian Husky and I receiving second place for his Companion Dog Title.   
Chaos and I at Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park being interviewed by the Antelope Valley Press.

History Timeline

Upon moving to Idaho in 2015, I kept manyof my dog club “jobs” in Lancaster, CA andthen also became the executive director forHelping Idaho Dogs. A lovely non-profitthat provides pet assisted therapy andhumane education in the south/westTreasure Valley area.Executive Director Helping Idaho Dogs Inc.2015I joined the International Association ofCanine Professionals soon after it began. Ithas grown tremendously over the years.The organization supports all types ofcanine professionals, all over the world. Anorganization at the forefront of all thingsdog.#1018 Professional,Certified Dog Trainer.2005I also head up an amazing committee ofdog lovers for the annual Bark at the Parkevent in Lancaster CA. Promotingresponsible dog ownership, the Bark hostsa number of dog activities, education andentertainment each year. Polite, leasheddogs are welcome and attendance usuallynears 10,000.President of the Bark At The Park, Inc.1992I became an American Kennel Club CanineGood Citizen Test Evaluator. This 10 parttest is designed to teach good manners tothe dog and responsible ownership to theirowners. It is a wonderful achievement forany dog owner.American Kennel Club Canine GoodCitizen Test Evaluator # 46231991Pet assisted therapy quickly became oneof my passions and I have been involved init for 30+ years. When Therapy Dogs,Incorporated, now Alliance of TherapyDogs, was created, I joined them andbecame a Tester/Observer. I enjoy testingand helping others on this wonderful pathof sharing their dog.Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.Tester/Observer #31071990I joined the High Desert Obedience Club inLancaster, CA back in the 1980’s. I had abeautiful Siberian Husky and wanted tolearn more about dogs. My early trainingskills came at the knee of severalaccomplished trainers. Later I attendedworkshops and shows and once theinternet came about, I joined many lists oftrainers around the world to learn more. Ibecame a trainer for my obedience club aswell as coordinating the pet assistedtherapy program.Past Head Trainer, Past Treasurer, CurrentPet Assisted Therapy Coordinator.1980