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Novice Course

By: Carole Kelly     

Duration: 1h 6m     

Course level: Beginner    

Price: $29.99

About…   30+ years of proven and effective lessons and techniques compressed into 1hr and 6mins all for only $29.99.  This course is perfect for beginners or those looking for a refresher.  Great for winter months or those with busy lifestyles. This course is held on Teachable.com & Udemy.com.  The buy buttons below will take you to my Teachable or Udemy checkout page, there you can make a payment, create an account and access this course.

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Quick Preview

Week: 2   Lesson: Leave it

In this quick preview we are learning Leave it, this is a vital lesson that all dogs should learn. From dropping food, personal items to medication this lesson can save thousands in vet bills or even your dog’s life.

Course Lessons

Learning made easy!

The course is broken down into shorter lessons making it easier to stop and go, find a past lesson, and to remember where you left off.  All course lesson videos are downloadable for offline viewing.

  • Welcome (0:08)
  • Quick Tip (0:28)
  • Equipment (5:53)
  • Being Responsible (0:42)
  • Commands (1:52)
  • Vaccinations (0:49)
  • Praise and Discipline (1:43)
  • Holding the Leash (0:58)
  • Off Leash (0:38)
  • Meet Lily (0:51)
  • Treats (0:38)
  • The Name Game (3:05)
  • Sit (1:47)
  • Down (1:52)
  • Stand (0:47)
  • Ears Teeth and Feet (5:13)
  • Release Word (0:52)
  • Leave it (3:19)
  • Stay (3:10)
  • Heeling (5:07)
  • Recap (1:51)
  • Stay (1:41)
  • Recall (4:18)
  • Heeling (4:17)
  • Refined Recall (2:12)
  • Down Stay (3:29)
  • The Finish (0:48)
  • Around Finish (1:19)
  • Swing Finish (2:06)
  • Weaning off Treats (1:20)
  • Course Review (8:35)
  • Final Words (1:44)

Thank You!

My First Online Course!

Thanks for checking out my Novice Course, and Congratulations on taking the first steps to becoming a responsible dog owner.  I hope Lily and I can help you accomplish your goals. ( Lily 1/14/09 to 6/26/21 )